Monday, October 3, 2011


For a long time, I didn't remember my dreams; and still find it's rare, compared to many people that seem to remember dreams every day. Lately, however, in the past year or so I guess, I've been remembering more and more of them. At least, of the sexier ones, anyway. Maybe that's why, I'm dreaming more fun so it's easier to remember? I don't know, guess it could be that... but I wanted to share a dream, I had last night.

I'd been looking around at different sites, and then spent a long time working on a couple of photos, which I find exciting; they're pics that my lover let me take, and she's beautiful- so when I get the opportunity, I enjoy doing things we've talked about with them, playing with photoshop and such.

Well, last night I was extremely tired, had had a long day, so when I did get to bed, I fell right out fast, and deep. But, at some point, I did dream...

I found myself in a photo studio, of some kind. It was a large room, with various props and backgrounds here and there, and a couple of people; one was my lover, wearing a long robe, wrapped in it; it was purple and silk shiny, and she looked cozy; the other, was a woman I'd never seen before, who was wrapped in a pink silkrobe, and the two of them were standing next to a chaise lounge. That was covered in velvet, the deep red color; behind the lounge, was a faux window, with bright lights shining against it, so the beams from the light looked like sunshine falling across the lounge.

I told the two of them to arrange themselves on the edges of the chaise, laying back side by side, and open the robes as they did- so they were laying on them, as if they'd just fallen away while they were talking.

As they did that, I started using my camera, and snapping some pictures of them arranging, helping each other adjust the material, seeing the softness of their skin beginning to appear from beneath the robes; both were tan, and both were gorgeous, and both were wearing sheer negligees in matching white, with lace around hems.

I had them turn, to snuggle closer, and wrap their arms around one another; "lift your leg over hers, so you're starting to look like you're going to roll onto her"... moving easily, obviously comfortable with one another, they moved here & there, shifting and holding; occasionally, I'd direct them to kiss each other, lips to lips, lips to breast, lips to navel; sometimes, they'd slip extra movements in, extra kisses or languorous touches, playing and enjoying themselves.

As time passed, they became less and less interested in the photographs, and more and more interested in each other, though; the shine of spit on an erect nipple, all hard and crinkled and darkening, as it glowed in the light from the window, entranced my love, and she spent time toying with that, drawing with her tongue against  the erect bumps;

Now and then, I'd get a look, a sultry-heated look of deep promise, and I had to adjust myself, as they played and I shot and we all got aroused. Then, some whispers, some kisses along an ear, little demands, little gifts, and they both paused, and rolled to face me; and both of them lifted a hand, and beckoned me to them; as I stepped near, they swung up and around, so they were sitting side by side on the edge of the lounge, with me standing before them.

Four hands reached out, and with giggles and play-slaps of fingertips, they unbuckled my belt, unzipped, unsnapped, undid, and let my pants fall; pointing down silently, so I knelt, they removed my shirt; then, each tugging an arm, they drew me onto the chaise with them, kicking at my pants to get them over my ankles.

It was close quarters, but the three of us managed to squirm around and find comfortable positions, and we all three began kissing, caressing, hands exploring, mouths questing. I had a pussy in each hand, at one point, middle fingers deep inside and feeling heated juices, lips spread and swollen, as they laughed and did "kegel, in unison" on my finger...

I drew my lover's head down, and the two of us lay across soft silky thighs, taking turns licking at her wet pussy, then kissing each other across her mound and swollen clit; we shifted and reversed, and I was kissing the other woman in the same position, tasting my love's sweetness and feeling her aroused heat on the skin of my face...

I woke about then, and found I was hard and leaking in my sleep, with that little buzz that comes from being turned on as I sleep, and wished that I could roll over and get right back into that dream, and finish it...

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  1. Super hot dream! Your lover is a lucky lady! I really like the way you write, very expressive.