Monday, November 25, 2013

Feet, Toes and Worship

So, one of the things I adore about our life as switches, is when I get that all-consuming shrinking feeling, as i move into a sub-space; and one of the things that i long for, when that occurs, is more time to spend at m'Lady's feet, worshiping her sweet sexy toes.

I was feeling that transition deeply the other day, and wanted to share some pictures we'd taken of a couple of special moments. These were taken as i attempted to paint her nails- i need practice! MORE!

And these were from another trip, when i was holding her, kissing her beach-sandy feet and loving her so deeply, feeling it strong:

God how i miss her 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yet more photoshop :)

I'm using my time playing with pictures, to help stave off loneliness and missing my darling girl. Here's a couple of edits of the corset/rose picture, that I like a lot. I've always enjoyed doing the selective-color effect, and this just lent itself so well to that; great fun! :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013


I've been looking through photos, and manipulating a bunch of them; I've liked this one a long time, so thought I'd share it here. The base was from my darling, given to her as a task to be performed for me; the edits were done by me in p'shop.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I used to take a lot of photographs, and although I've been lazy about it, I still do enjoy it; one of the things I took a long time to get into, was playing with photoshop & processing the images. It always felt like "cheating", somehow, when compared to film work in the darkroom. I did eventually start to learn though, and the more I did, the more I enjoyed it.

I haven't done a lot with that lately, either, until very recently- when for something to do, I started playing with some more images. I like the way these two turned out; one is surreal, just playing with different effects & filters, but the net result I found rather interesting:

The second one was really fun, too- I made my darling into a Mermaid, lol; she's always been a mermaid, and now she has the tail to prove it! 

Now, off to bed, and maybe I'll have a nice dream of finding her by the sea! :)


Monday, October 7, 2013

Corsets, Collars and Roses;

Or, In which I wrap her in leather and ties, claim her submission, and love her dearly

The other month, I flew once again to find my darling girl; it'd been forevvver, unfortunately- but, it was wonderful!

I have been thinking, processing, remembering, for a long time; and want to share a few thoughts on the day that I wrapped her in a wonderful leather corset, with laces up the back and her lovely breasts exposed. We picked it out together, long ago, and hadn't used it. So on this night, I had her shave; and we had candles, and time together, and I wrapped her in it, and laced her up

During that night, she also answered a question I posed; with a huge smile and a wonderful sparkle in her lovely eyes, all dark and smouldering and sexy, she replied "Yes", to a question I asked: "Will you wear my collar?"

I love this shot, particularly, as between the laces, leather, collar and rose, to me, it represents so much of what we share. The leather is tough, but soft; the laces bind her, the lack of cover for her breasts leave her vulnerable; the collar claims her, with her Lil Name to proudly declare that she's my sweet princess; and the rose given to her with love, resting close to her heart, a reminder that she's precious and fragile and cherished.

So, I'm a romantic I guess, but I love her deeply, and miss her terribly at times, so wanted to share. Here's a back view of the corset, with the laces across her soft skin, and her lovely little ass exposed (the claiming of which is also mine, but a different story;) )

A long distance relationship isn't easy, and communications are difficult at times, for circumstances that we just have to "deal with"; but this is one more way I can show my precious darling that I adore her, and her willing acceptance and permission to share these is another way she shows me the same thing.

Love you, my princess! :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Golden Showers & Piss-Play

--In which I talk about *gasp*... kinky play with piss, Golden Showers and describe a wonderful memory, a fantasy and thoughts--

So, if you're not into reading about, or enjoying the idea of piss play, Golden Showers, denial, and things of this nature- move along.

If you are, however, read on...

So, for many many years, I would say that I was extremely "vanilla", in my sexual activities and practices. Not that I wouldn't indulge in some different play, but it was all pretty mild, and pretty rare, and in a lot of ways it wasn't something that was allowed and could be openly discussed; in fact in a lot of ways, that's still the case, for much of my time.

However, I have the wonderful delight of sharing with my lover an enjoyment and satisfaction and mutual pleasure in exploring all kinds of sexuality, and a relationship that allows us to discuss honestly and directly things that we want to, things we may fantasize about, and things that we've been able to indulge ourselves in. 

One of those things is playing with, talking about, fantasizing about, and experimenting with urine. Piss. Pee. Hot, wet, and taboo- and mmmphf, god. It's interesting that the first time we were ever together, almost before anything else occurred, I put my fingers into her stream as she peed, and tasted it- and in some ways, I think it really helped to let it be a special and grand thing to share together.

Since then, we've talked, and shared more thoughts & fantasies- and we've shared piss, directly, both hers on me and mine on hers, multiple times. We have also, both of us, played in it *for* the other, and played *in* the other's, and we've shared the intimacy of pissing *on* the other, too- and yes, we've both gotten aroused enough, and into it enough, to take it directly to our mouths, too.

There's something about it that strikes a chord in me- the taboo-ness of it? The sheer intimacy and trust it engenders? I'm not sure, but I know I like the feelings, a lot; and lately, I've been thinking about it a lot, and remembering, and dreaming of *more*, and so I thought I'd put it here.

One of the most memorable interludes came when I was spending several weeks in her town, for work- so I was in a hotel, and she managed to arrange things so that we had *tiime*, an amazing amount really, to spend together; and one evening, we were getting ready to go to a special club. We shared some bath time together, and as she stood over me, all tan and nude and sexy, she had to pee...and since I'd expressed an interest in replicating a photo that we'd seen, she squatted over me as I held the camera... and she let her stream flow, sexy hot golden and intimate, so special, to feel her letting that go onto my skin, feel it flowing across my cock and balls and stomach; to know my subby place, as the repository for her piss, gave me such an amazing, such an intensely close & deeply connected feeling...

Then she lowered more, and opened herself to me, and took my cock inside her sweet hot pussy, wet with bubble water, wet with piss, wet with her own sweet juices (Have I noted that she gets *wet*? I mean, *reallly* wet? If not- she does, think puddles and flowing pussy juices, sooo exciting, sooo sexy, sooo hot!)...

We fucked there in the tub, tight and close, and then rinsed off & went on with the night... but I'll never, ever forget that moment, jeez.

Since then, we've had a lot of texts back and forth, sometimes as simple as "Pissing on you", and it never fails to make my heart thump, my breath catch, and (as it is now), frequently my cock throbs & leaks..*squirm* ;)

I recall one moment, as I had her bare foot extended, watching my piss run across her red-painted toes, and seeing her eyes darken and deepen... and, I'll also never forget one moment in another visit to her town, sharing a big jacuzzi bubble-tub... and standing over her, with my piss coming hard and long, as she dripped in it, watching it run down her chest, off her nipples, down her belly & clit & pussy... and having her lift her mouth and catch it...(*squirimmmm*).

One day too, I'm going to indulge in something I've thought of, but haven't done yet- we're going to be out in the woods, wandering, and I'm going to have her strip for me, except for her shoes. Facing away from me, I will watch as she squats low, so her ass is flexed & her cleft is visible from behind, and I'll photograph her pissing, outside in the sunlight; then I'll slip around and catch that from the front, too- and then, I'll have her bring me her sweet pussy, and I'll use my mouth to clean any drips off, so she won't have any stickiness as we finish our walk.

There have been a few times, too, where we've played with denial- I've had her squirming and full, as she has to me- and I *never* knew how intense the arousal can be, just from having a full bladder. Although, hmmm... I suspect that another big component of that, is the fact that if I'm being denied release, it's under her orders and direction; and since when I'm subby, anything at all that she directs me to do is intensely sexy, it could be that, too. One day maybe I'll deny *myself*, and see how much is physical pressure, and how much is emotional and knowing that I'm hers to command, owned by her, and obey her.

Probably a fair amount of it, for me at any rate (She can feel it on her g-spot, but of course I don't have one!), is the knowing/emotions; because it's almost as exciting to know *she's* obeying, if I've instructed her to hold it, or to taste her own stream. 

There are a lot of people that I've come across, mostly online, a few that I've known well enough to ask and talk about things like this, and one of the things I've come to know, in the past few years with my darling lover, is that *anything* is okay, if it's a mutual interest and a shared enjoyment. 

I've also learned that changing perceptions and pushing boundaries, extending limits, is one of the most exciting things around. I never used to think I'd "ever" want to take piss directly into my mouth, nor that I'd want to piss into hers- (but, that wasn't a hard-limit either)... and now? It's one of the most exciting, memorable, and sexy fantasies and memories that I have; and I'm really really looking forward to indulging that more- from both sides, as the pisser and the pissee (Pissee? Whatever!), anyway- I want to explore that again and again, more and more, and really wish it could be *now*, *more*!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Visions and Vulvas

Hmmm... interesting mind-wanders today. I was texting with my lover, and shared a photo I'd taken for her yesterday, of the shave and trim I'd done in the bath. She commented that she'd also had a bath, but wasn't shaved. I then asked her, if it's possible, to get me another photo of her un-trimmed, un-shaven.

We'll see if she can, it's hard for her to find a way to do those- but it did make me start to think, as I took another bath today, about the various looks she wears at different times, and how I find each one so sexy and exciting, for different reasons.

I have one photo of her "bushy", and have never seen or tasted it that full, lol!

She normally keeps it closely trimmed, with a vertical strip (fairly wide, mmphf) pointing up from her clit, and smooth soft labia below. That look and feel, I've experienced a lot, and love it; probably my favorite actually, for a few reasons:
1. SHE likes it best- and it's so much more sexy when she feels sexy and hot, and pretty- there is nothing as exciting as when my lover feels hot and confident.
2. It's a mix- there's the fuzziness of the closely trimmed remnants of her pubic hair, contrasted with the ultra-smooth softness of her shaved skin; mmmphf, so much fun to trace the line, with fingertips, tongue, or cock-head.
3. It's the care- it's very exciting to know that her actions of caring for and keeping herself pretty-fied, make her feel good- and it's sexy, to know that she does that to feel hot, too.

The third style is less frequent, and usually if I'm being Dominant, and instruct her to do so, and that's when she's completely, fully shaved. There's a different sexiness to that, it's almost as much a reaction to her doing it for me, as it is the simple shave; but, even with that, it's also very sexy to feel, touch that softness, and feel the warmth and heat of her directly.

So, when I was in my bath, in the dark today, just drifting and thinking, I was remembering how each of those styles feel, how much I enjoy each of them, and how much pleasure I get just to see, think of, remember, her touch and taste and softness. When I got out of the tub, then, I got onto my computer, and opened up a few photographs that we've taken, or she's taken for me, and played around some.

I created the following image as a composite, to show off her beautiful vulva, in all three styles. Of course, I also get to enjoy playing with and examining the pics, heheh...yay, me!

So, here for you to see how lucky I am:


Love you darling!