Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Sex-thinks :)

1. I really want to fuck my lover while she's on her period again; we both <3 that so much, and she's got it now, and I want to feel it again.

2. Along with the fucking, I like to give her oral, the taste is much muskier than otherwise (note, I can't say "normal", cuz it's just as normal for us to be together @ period as not!!) and it's thicker, kinda.

3. I had a wonderful dream of an FFM threesome, an amazing time; I want that.

4. I want an MMF, as well- I want to feel how tight she is, when I'm inside her at the *same* time another cock is filling her.

5. I think of sex and sexuality a LOT, lately- Maybe I'm having a second adolescence? I don't know... but I sure do have fun fantasizing!

6. Someday, I want to get to the beach with my love, when it's not cold and we can spend time together, just hanging out and swimming and wading, and be naked in the sun together. With or without others, lol!

7. I need to spank her ass again, and I think she's needing it too. Then I'm going to sooth it with lotion, and cuddle her close and kiss the tears away, and love her.