Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I used to take a lot of photographs, and although I've been lazy about it, I still do enjoy it; one of the things I took a long time to get into, was playing with photoshop & processing the images. It always felt like "cheating", somehow, when compared to film work in the darkroom. I did eventually start to learn though, and the more I did, the more I enjoyed it.

I haven't done a lot with that lately, either, until very recently- when for something to do, I started playing with some more images. I like the way these two turned out; one is surreal, just playing with different effects & filters, but the net result I found rather interesting:

The second one was really fun, too- I made my darling into a Mermaid, lol; she's always been a mermaid, and now she has the tail to prove it! 

Now, off to bed, and maybe I'll have a nice dream of finding her by the sea! :)


Monday, October 7, 2013

Corsets, Collars and Roses;

Or, In which I wrap her in leather and ties, claim her submission, and love her dearly

The other month, I flew once again to find my darling girl; it'd been forevvver, unfortunately- but, it was wonderful!

I have been thinking, processing, remembering, for a long time; and want to share a few thoughts on the day that I wrapped her in a wonderful leather corset, with laces up the back and her lovely breasts exposed. We picked it out together, long ago, and hadn't used it. So on this night, I had her shave; and we had candles, and time together, and I wrapped her in it, and laced her up

During that night, she also answered a question I posed; with a huge smile and a wonderful sparkle in her lovely eyes, all dark and smouldering and sexy, she replied "Yes", to a question I asked: "Will you wear my collar?"

I love this shot, particularly, as between the laces, leather, collar and rose, to me, it represents so much of what we share. The leather is tough, but soft; the laces bind her, the lack of cover for her breasts leave her vulnerable; the collar claims her, with her Lil Name to proudly declare that she's my sweet princess; and the rose given to her with love, resting close to her heart, a reminder that she's precious and fragile and cherished.

So, I'm a romantic I guess, but I love her deeply, and miss her terribly at times, so wanted to share. Here's a back view of the corset, with the laces across her soft skin, and her lovely little ass exposed (the claiming of which is also mine, but a different story;) )

A long distance relationship isn't easy, and communications are difficult at times, for circumstances that we just have to "deal with"; but this is one more way I can show my precious darling that I adore her, and her willing acceptance and permission to share these is another way she shows me the same thing.

Love you, my princess! :)