Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I used to take a lot of photographs, and although I've been lazy about it, I still do enjoy it; one of the things I took a long time to get into, was playing with photoshop & processing the images. It always felt like "cheating", somehow, when compared to film work in the darkroom. I did eventually start to learn though, and the more I did, the more I enjoyed it.

I haven't done a lot with that lately, either, until very recently- when for something to do, I started playing with some more images. I like the way these two turned out; one is surreal, just playing with different effects & filters, but the net result I found rather interesting:

The second one was really fun, too- I made my darling into a Mermaid, lol; she's always been a mermaid, and now she has the tail to prove it! 

Now, off to bed, and maybe I'll have a nice dream of finding her by the sea! :)


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