Friday, November 30, 2012

Visions and Vulvas

Hmmm... interesting mind-wanders today. I was texting with my lover, and shared a photo I'd taken for her yesterday, of the shave and trim I'd done in the bath. She commented that she'd also had a bath, but wasn't shaved. I then asked her, if it's possible, to get me another photo of her un-trimmed, un-shaven.

We'll see if she can, it's hard for her to find a way to do those- but it did make me start to think, as I took another bath today, about the various looks she wears at different times, and how I find each one so sexy and exciting, for different reasons.

I have one photo of her "bushy", and have never seen or tasted it that full, lol!

She normally keeps it closely trimmed, with a vertical strip (fairly wide, mmphf) pointing up from her clit, and smooth soft labia below. That look and feel, I've experienced a lot, and love it; probably my favorite actually, for a few reasons:
1. SHE likes it best- and it's so much more sexy when she feels sexy and hot, and pretty- there is nothing as exciting as when my lover feels hot and confident.
2. It's a mix- there's the fuzziness of the closely trimmed remnants of her pubic hair, contrasted with the ultra-smooth softness of her shaved skin; mmmphf, so much fun to trace the line, with fingertips, tongue, or cock-head.
3. It's the care- it's very exciting to know that her actions of caring for and keeping herself pretty-fied, make her feel good- and it's sexy, to know that she does that to feel hot, too.

The third style is less frequent, and usually if I'm being Dominant, and instruct her to do so, and that's when she's completely, fully shaved. There's a different sexiness to that, it's almost as much a reaction to her doing it for me, as it is the simple shave; but, even with that, it's also very sexy to feel, touch that softness, and feel the warmth and heat of her directly.

So, when I was in my bath, in the dark today, just drifting and thinking, I was remembering how each of those styles feel, how much I enjoy each of them, and how much pleasure I get just to see, think of, remember, her touch and taste and softness. When I got out of the tub, then, I got onto my computer, and opened up a few photographs that we've taken, or she's taken for me, and played around some.

I created the following image as a composite, to show off her beautiful vulva, in all three styles. Of course, I also get to enjoy playing with and examining the pics, heheh...yay, me!

So, here for you to see how lucky I am:


Love you darling!

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