Sunday, July 29, 2012

More randomnesseses

I've been having lots of random swirly thoughts and fantasies, lately- and decided I need to put 'em here...
I want to lick and suck and drink of my lover's pussy, as she bleeds, to have my red-wings more... makes me squirmy loving melt, to know that she wants that too.

I felt her fucking my ass again the other night, deeply and gently, lubed up and slow, and stretching me, and can't wait til she can do that in person-for-real, mmmphf.

I <3 the feeling of her pissing on me. The heated splash of her stream is intoxicating, and when she shares with me that she's full-up, and going to piss on me "hard".. all i can do is wriggle, and try to keep my sudden hard-on from being visible, lol.

I shared with her, a fantasy, based on a photo she sent me-  which made me blush brightly, eeps... told her that i wanted to see her giving a foot-job to her hubby... with her pretty polished toes, on his hard cock... dang. That's hot.

Yesterday- or today? lol, can't remember... was waking up slowly, and had those drifty langorous thoughts... and was thinking, how exciting it would be to have time at the water, skinny-dipping, with both my wife, and lover, and how exciting that would be... water, heat, sun, skin... mmmphf, yummy.

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